Tortured childhood

As I look back,I remember things I don’t want to… I remember mom getting torchered day by day..getting beaten up,crying not because of scars but because of pain,spending hours and hours talking to God ,crying silently so that people don’t hear her ,she was still bleeding ,her arm was full of blood..still she didn’t speak a word to me or dad…she smiled the best she could to hide her pain and asked me “Have you had your dinner yet?” ..I answered yes….she went to the kitchen and I stood there looking at her as tears rolled down my eyes….I remember her getting beaten up to buy milk to feed me..I remember her getting beaten up as she couldn’t open the door in time as she slept… She was slapped,abused,pushed to the wall but still she didn’t speak a word of anguish instead she defended me so that I do not get hurt…I cried everyday …but she still didn’t give up and I knew the reason why…the reason was me…..she was a housewife…Dad was working ….she knew I wouldn’t survive a minute without her….so she thought of filing a case but then she was just a housewife ,she had no earnings ,dad was rich,he would buy all the lawyers and win the case,and she could bear anything but losing me…. so she stepped back ,and still today she gets beaten up whenever she tries to justify herself… She goes to hospital most of the time to get bandages done…sometimes me nd mom are deprived of food…but we still survive with a hope that one day I will grow up successful and I will get a better life…

People think that having a big house and being with someone with a six figure salary is all you need to be happy and have a perfect life but we forget that those walls,those big rooms create so much distances between the loved ones that one day that house no longer remains a house ,it becomes a prison…

About shrayoshree

Just a girl who happens to have big dreams,notice unnecessary things,communicate with people,tell the world what she is thinking,what she is going through, small details of life,everything that catches her eyes! Facebook:

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