UNNOTICED PAIN ~ memories I need to forget but how am i suppose to do that when everyone beside me makes me realize how excruciated i was!

I looked around, i saw everyone smiling, smile which had come out from the depth of the heart….. And I felt ashamed…a small grin crept in their faces when they were planning a family tour…I gazed at them and one question seemed to be the most important reality of my life,”WHY ME?“…why am I the unlucky girl…Family ,such an essential part of our lives………..But I had none…As I look back all I remember is torcher,blood,pain and cries…tears rolled down my eyes as I heard people saying “My mom and dad bought my favorite dress! ,My dad took me to a candlelight dinner with mom!, My dad bought flowers for mom! ,My dad suprises me everyday with different types of chocolates!My dad loves me a lot!”……I was tormented every single day, mom was beaten up, we were left foodless for a month, abused in front of everyone, treated like dirt …….but I had to hold on to that and I still do, with a hope that one day I will reach my goal, and the person who destroyed me will bow down to me with respect..

…. I have a friend named Hapiza ,who lost her dad 2 years ago…she loved him a lot and so did her dad…she misses him now more than anything in her life…I see silent cries in her face hidden beneath the gorgeous smile ….but I don’t know why, when I look at her I feel she is lucky ,not because she is in pain but because she lost her dad…when I try to remember my life with dad ,I realize I never had a life…I realize that I had no memories to remember and smile ,no good memories to share…all I had was torchered childhood…..

About shrayoshree

Just a girl who happens to have big dreams,notice unnecessary things,communicate with people,tell the world what she is thinking,what she is going through, small details of life,everything that catches her eyes! Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/shrayoshree?ref=bookmarks

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