Lost childhood

It was 12:30 pm ,raining , I was returning home tired and inervated ,I noticed something I had forgotten in years….Playing…. and by playing I don’t mean video games,or games in computers or mobiles ..I mean the ones we used to play when we were small, the ones we used to play outside in the field ..be it “Catch me if you can” ,”hide and seek” or ‘kabaddi’ or anything…. While returning i saw small kids hardly 5 years to 7 years boys and girls running around playing with a ball ,some of them fell down because the grass was slippery but they got up each time they felt and they continued running ..When we run it is either to catch the train or bus to reach somewhere.. but they ran without any desire ,without any destination… They ran and ran ,there were mud all over their clothes and hands and legs but that didn’t bother them at all,they ran and ran with a smile which was priceless unlike us all …….We go to gyms for fitness,we eat healthy foods but we forget the most important thing to stay healthy is to have a healthy mind free from worldy relations…..I don’t know why I stopped the bus there ….and walked down and went straight to those kids and asked ,” Can I play?” ..they didn’t hesitate a second and told me to join them ….I ran everywhere stupidly,rain drops fell on me,it was relief, fell down and got up with earth all over me,It was heaven on earth….I played till sun went down behind the horizon and i came back home ,mom didn’t say a word seeing my condition instead she laughed and whispered ,”My little girl is back”….Lost CHILDHOOD 

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/the-young-and-the-rested/”>The Young and the Rested</a>Lost CHILDHOOD

About shrayoshree

Just a girl who happens to have big dreams,notice unnecessary things,communicate with people,tell the world what she is thinking,what she is going through, small details of life,everything that catches her eyes! Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/shrayoshree?ref=bookmarks


  1. srijan

    hello, my love! dont be so upset! you’re beautiful, love! just the way you’re! i think i would like to talk to you somewhere! where can we, my love?

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