Something more!

Sometimes I wish I could be something more…more than just being a normal girl..more than anyone or anything… More than being ordinary……

U can say fantasy or superhero movies inspired me…but lets face it who doesn’t wanna have powers that are way more than being normal….powers to just fly or turn things to ice or never get hurt or being something that no one can be except you….powers to change the every day routine of our lives the same boring job ,the same boring day etcetera etcetera…. I wish I had a life more than that ….like this life as well as a secret can running as fast as light as The flash, or being invisible and fly like the girl in ¬†Fantastic Four or like Lucy in the movie Lucy or like anything that’s not common…

I wish if something someday happens to be and I become someone that cannot be defined or that no one has then life will not be the same ..You can fight with wrong people with great political powers and prove them wrong and they can’t do anything to you…..everyday somewhere in every corner of earth innocent people are hurt, they are under the supervision of this wrong and corrupt government… I wish I had powers to destroy this government… I wish I had powers to bring a change… If you are just like normal people then just life becomes impossible… You get screwed for being right,you get murdered by some big people and u don’t get justice, girls ,women get raped and they get rejected by the society while the rapists live freely …we live in a society where porn stars are treated like celebrities and rape survivors are treated with humiliation…

If I could be something powerful than any bullets or if I had the power to destroy every missiles or war tanks in just a blink of an eye then I can atleast try to bring a change in this society. If I can just be something more than ordinary then I think I can I can make this world a better place for the next generation!!

About shrayoshree

Just a girl who happens to have big dreams,notice unnecessary things,communicate with people,tell the world what she is thinking,what she is going through, small details of life,everything that catches her eyes! Facebook:

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