Silent cry for help – Memories

Ever felt how strong a grip your memories have on you, nobody realises that how fucked up it is to drown in your own thoughts, how helpless you feel…they say bullets ,drugs, alcohol can tear u up but what they don’t realize is that if someone takes drugs it’s either because they wanna feel something or they just wanna get rid of the thoughts that haunt them.

DRUGS, BULLETS ,ALCOHOL kills you and trust me that’s the easy way out …if someone uses drugs it’s because they can’t take it anymore ,it’s because they want those thoughts to stop and the only way out is to die so don’t think that someone who is taking drugs doesn’t know what he or she is doing….they know exactly what they are doing.

You think guns, bullets, drugs, alcohol kills you , oh that’s a very big mistake because the only thing that tears you inside out forces you to take that drugs by yourself knowing that it will kill you ….my love they are your thoughts that you don’t have control over… thoughts that just keep coming and coming … thoughts that haunt you.. don’t get me wrong I am not talking about a particular thing, I am talking about not being able to stop thinking not being able to control your thoughts , the helplessness , my love that’s what actually kills us even before we pull the trigger .

About shrayoshree

Just a girl who happens to have big dreams,notice unnecessary things,communicate with people,tell the world what she is thinking,what she is going through, small details of life,everything that catches her eyes! Facebook:

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